Help with data management throughout the grant cycle

The research data management team can help you in a number of areas, depending on where you are in a research project. Typically managing research data will involve these activities, which the team can advise on and assist with:
Proposal Stage

Project Start-up Stage

  • Data planning, data organization, framework set-up
  • Agree on data rights and roles of IT and library with the PI and project team
  • Develop a data model and identify appropriate standards
  • Create file naming convention
  • Identify type and quantity of data
  • Research computing needs confirmed and resources allocated
  • Begin to identify data that will be preserved long-term

Research Stage

  • Research data storage needs appropriately allocated, along with necessary compute cycles
  • Make any adjustments to data model
  • Align with discipline metadata standards
  • Apply appropriate data curation methods
  • Identify what data can be discarded and what will be kept long-term

Project Wrap-up Stage

  • Check data for formatting and descriptions to ensure it can be maintained long-term
  • Agree on rights and responsibilities long-term

Post-project Stage

  • Move data from active storage to long-term storage for preservation
  • Agree on data curation roles and responsibilities to determine who will ultimately make keep or discard decisions for the data