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Justice and Transformation: Houston Women on Climate Action

From fires to floods, the consequences of climate change are increasingly evident, and underserved communities often face the most severe impacts. Inspired by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Dr. Katharine Wilkinson’s All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis, this virtual panel discussion will bring together four Houston women whose work addresses climate justice: Dr. Denae King (TSU), Dr.

Voter Registration

Get registered to vote! The TX deadline is October 5, 2020.

Register to vote and learn everything you need to be a voter this year! Rice Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars (VDVRs) will be outside the Fondren academic quad entrance (weather permitting) with voter registration forms, information, and more. Come by if you need to register to vote or have any questions!

Parallel Python

So you’ve gotten really good at python. Your algorithm is perfect, your data is clean … and it takes hours to run. In fact, you just realized that you could be running this in a dozen different ways by tweaking some parameters, but that would take days to run … if you get really lucky and it completes with no errors. It’s time to parallelize your code. In this class, you will learn a couple basic methods for parallelizing your code and completing your jobs in a fraction of the time. Prior experience with python is strongly recommended.

Introduction to Supercomputing

This brief workshop will introduce you to the basic concepts of supercomputing and walk you through a humanities use-case based on JSTOR data. You will learn the difference between HPC and HTC, how to log into Rice’s supercomputing clusters, how to schedule a job, how to monitor resource usage, and the basics of concepts like message passing and load-balancing.

Fondren 102 - Science and Engineering Resources

Think you know the library?

Beyond its great spaces and basic search tools, the library serves the needs of advanced researchers with extensive specialized collections and skills instruction. Dig deeper with Fondren 102, a series of workshops introducing essential skills and subject resources.
Workshops are an hour long, free, and in the library Collaboration Space (B43A in the library basement) unless otherwise noted. Email instructors for details, or contact Joe Goetz at with any questions.